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Philharmonic finds way in “New World” Albuquerque Journal, January 2012.

Albuquerque Journal, February 3, 2012

In its first concert of the year, the New Mexico Philharmonic brought guest conductor Dante Anzolini to the Popejoy stage to conduct Dvorák’s Symphony “From the New World” as well as excerpts from Italian opera.

There is nothing more magical than when a great piece of symphonic music comes to life in the hands of expert players under the direction of a conductor who breathes animation into the music. This performance of the Dvorák Ninth Symphony may well be considered a benchmark for the newly formed Philharmonic.

(in the first momvement)…he spirit of rhythmic vitality was present throughout … with some excellent horn playing in particular.

The brass came blazing forth announcing the theme of the final movement, which under Anzolini’s direction achieved a grand urgency full of drive and passion.

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